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Why join Chamber?

  • State-of-the-art training equipment (you should see what we’ve got)
  • Expert advice and support from people who are passionate about what they do (but we won’t bang on, bore or judge you)
  • An extensive range of group classes, personal training and transformation & maintenance packages to suit everyone (no one should feel excluded from achieving their goals).

We don’t focus on quick fixes. We believe in working with members to set realistic goals and supporting them at every step of their fitness journey so they can achieve and maintain those goals. 

We are passionate about shining a light on mental health and nurturing it through its relationship with physical fitness.

We are not a faceless corporate business, we are not only interested in the numbers, we are Chamber and we want to help you unlock your potential.

We offer traditional strength and cardio based training methods and equipment, combined with a modern approach to fitness.