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Group Classes


What? Based on the two main Olympic lifts – ‘Snatch’ and ‘Clean & Jerk’

Why? Learn, develop and master these lifts to build lean muscle, improve strength and discipline.

Who? All. Give it a try, it is a rewarding class both physically and mentally.


What? Focus on the basics to create a solid training foundation.

Why? To instil and improve correct movement patterns.

Who? ALL! Beginners wanting to learn up to exercise pros wanting to drill the basics.


What? Strength based class focussed on progressive programming.

Why? To improve and strengthen in all lifting and bodyweight movement.

Who? All fitness and experience levels. You will not regret joining this class!


What? A condensed, short sharp workout to improve cardio conditioning and achieve a high calorie burn in a short time frame.

Why? Learn how to train at a high intensity and use your time more efficiently, ideal if you have that busy lifestyle which means you struggle to fit long sessions in.

Who? All abilities, All fitness levels. Fire is designed so that everyone can train alongside each other no matter what their experience or fitness levels.


What? High energy cardio conditioning with rowing, cycling and skiing.

Why? Improve fitness, burn calories and learn how to get the most from these exercises.

Who? All abilities. All fitness levels. These classes will raise your heart rate and spirits.


Pilates is a low impact, energising and restorative sequence of exercises. Combining movements that lengthens, strengthens and protects your entire body.
Slow, intentional movements flow from one to the next to ensure no muscle is under or over worked. Pilates is for every body.

Improve flexibility, posture, build strength and develop control and endurance in the entire body. There’s an emphasis on core development that will improve coordination and balance.

Pilates can improve your performance in your sport by helping it to move more efficiently and aid in the prevention of injury.