If you meet me now, you’ll think that I have always been a fitness fanatic. How wrong you are!!!

I toyed with fitness over the years but never really put my heart and soul into it, which is why I never saw results. Not seeing results then demotivated me and I lost the desire to carry on….so I started eating instead…..lots of rubbish… and not surprisingly the weight piled on! This then demoralised me even more and so the cycle continued.

The turning point for me was after I had my son Zach 16 years ago. I had put on so much weight without realising it and felt so unhappy that I stopped seeing my friends, didn’t go out and basically just wallowed in the fact I looked awful.

My husband then said we should go running!! Well – being as unfit as I was this was not something I thought I could do but decided I had to try something. It took me over 6 months to get to a point where I could run 1 mile without stopping! That was the start for me. From that point on I upped my running distance, joined the gym and tried to work towards my goal of getting into a size 10 dress (I was around size 14 at this point).

Whilst at the gym a friend of mine introduced me to Shaun and I decided to give PT a go with him, with the one goal of being able to do 1 pull up. I never thought I’d achieve it, but Shaun didn’t doubt it for one minute and within 3 months I could do 5!!!! That sense of achievement is what has kept me motivated, knowing that with hard work and a strong mentality, you can achieve anything.

I had many goals, which I worked through with Shaun including press ups, box jumps, handstands – all of which I achieved. My whole ethos of working out has been shaped by Shaun and James through PT, ZUU and Chamber. Because of all of the above I am focussed, strong and always know I can achieve my fitness goals.

Chamber to me is a place where I feel I belong; I feel I add something to it in my own weird way, and it feels like a family, where every member has got your back and will be there for you in those moments where you start doubting yourself and need a bit of a nudge to keep trying and keep going. I can honestly say you don’t get this in other gyms, where you are a faceless member. At Chamber you are part of the family no matter what your background or ability. If you have a fitness goals the team (instructors and members) will support you to achieve these. There’s no judgment, no preconceptions, just 100% support.

I love how Shaun, then James, then Chamber have all enabled me to achieve all my fitness goals to date and will continue to support me on my fitness journey.

If I start doubting myself then the Chamber family are there to encourage and support me, which is such a unique vibe to have in a gym.

When I first joined Chamber I didn't really have any goals in mind or know what to expect. But with the amazing team they have I've come to learn so much about myself and what I'm capable of. I was the kid in school who would always be picked last for sports because of how unfit I was, I never had the motivation to push myself. But thanks to them I look forward to working out and bettering myself everyday. I still have a long way to go but I know I'll get there thanks to them.

I have been with Chamber from the very beginning, having personal training sessions with Shaun has helped both my physical and mental health. Chamber is more than a gym its a community. James, Shaun and Rich create the perfect environment for mental and physical growth. The group classes provide seamless workouts where all you have to do is turn up, to get an intense and fulfilling workout.I would recommend Chamber for a complete personal development and change of attitude towards working out.

Joining Chamber was the best thing I’ve done. I’m stronger physically and mentally - thanks to my amazing PT Shaun, the other trainers James & Rich and the support and encouragement from all the other members!

I joined chamber as an online member over lockdown 1.0 after I was encouraged to by a friend who had trained at chamber for years. She lives locally to Chamber but I live in Liverpool and so would never have come across them. At the time I was struggling with my mental health, with motivation to exercise, with weight gain and I was feeling very isolated. I didn't want to join, to be completely honest I just wanted to stay in bed, and signed up purely as a result of giving into peer pressure. Looking back now I realise it was the best decision I made last year.

I'm by no means an athlete and have found every work out challenging and regularly joke that Shaun, James and Rich are going to kill me one day but I never leave a class without a smile on my face. Shaun, James and Rich are all so knowledgeable and supportive and can always spare a minute when you need a pick me up or some guidance with injury.

Aside from the classes and the exercise side of Chamber, everyone who's a part of Chamber, whether it be the PTs or the members, is so positive and it's lovely to see their faces on zoom each class. From the minute you join you feel part of an amazing, positive, supportive, beautiful community. I couldn't recommend joining Chamber enough, even if you don't think you want to join, you definitely do and I can guarantee you won't regret it.

I joined Chamber in Summer 2019 and was immediately welcomed in by the trainers and current members so never had to go through the daunting experience of trying to fit in to an already close unit. My main issue was not being able to motivate myself, but with Shaun, James and Rich, that isn’t an issue as they all take the time to get to know each of their members to help them with their struggles, no matter how big or small! Joining Chamber has been one of the best decisions I’ve made and it’s amazing to be part of something

I first went to Chamber after a recommendation, after one session I left my previous gym and joined. It is an environment where you will never feel alone or intimidated and will always feel encouraged.

I needed to change the way I viewed physical activity in order not to see it as something I ‘had to do’, ‘should do’ or ‘ought to do’ for my health, but as something that I should do because I personally value its positive benefits to my wellbeing. The Chamber has 100% helped me realise these values, not only at the gym but in my life and line of work too.

Chamber is a place where you won’t feel intimidated, you will instead feel supported, celebrated and part of something great - a team! Chamber inspired me to become a Personal Trainer!

If you want an all inclusive, supportive, challenging workout environment then the Chamber is the place for you! I first met the guys 5 years ago and I’ve not looked back since. Fitness has become a huge part of my life and these guys, and the friends I’ve made through the community they built, are a huge part of the reason why! I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to achieve with their help, knowledge and experience. I know gyms can cause newcomers to feel anxious at first, especially when they see how much everyone else is able to do, but here you won’t feel that way for long. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you improve if you keep showing up and giving it your all. You’re only a rookie once, so get involved!